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The test-before-you-buy feature of Independent schools who are open to potential parents is ideal for experienced and new parents alike. With the open day season starting the moment schools begin to return from summer break, they are now a crucial aspect of searching for the right Independent school.

Schools are becoming more flexible and the concept of “school open day” is now a fluid term. Parents and pupils are being invited to interactive classes as well as school tours, dinner with the head and various other events designed to showcase how the schools are at their finest.

Open days are excellent for providing a flavour of the school to let you know which one is best to your kid. Schools often allow students who are currently there to lead tours of their facilities and you can take advantage of this as an opportunity to get a glimpse of the kind of person your child will develop into. The current students are a fantastic advertisement for schools everywhere and will give open and honest responses to any questions you ask them.

It’s a good idea to visit schools that are well-prepared with the list of questions you have in your mind for visiting the school will provide you with an idea of the kind of school it is. A few examples of questions you ought to be asking during a visit to schools are:

Open days also provide the ideal occasion to discuss the education with the school. Independent schools offer a range of choices for parents to choose from when they are looking for curricula and certifications, and it’s up for parents to conduct the research and select the best option to fit their child’s needs.

The”one-size-fits-all” approach to education has long absent in today’s independent sector , and it is now the parent to pick the right institution for the child they have. Schools are always willing to talk with parents about how the curriculum offered can benefit your child, so don’t hesitate in asking important questions:

Combined Cadet Force, which helps students learn leadership and teamwork. Some schools offer the BTEC in leadership because of the students’ involvement in CCF.

The school day doesn’t need to start at 9 am and close at 5. Many parents opt for the weekly or flexible boarding schedule that allows their children to benefit from the activities after school available.

Students aren’t confined to the confines of their school, since schools are keen to arrange trips to foreign countries to study geography, history and for modern-day foreign language needs. Check out the school’s newsletter and you’ll discover the details of groups of pupils traveling to a far distant destination.

Independent schools provide a lot beyond the classroom. It’s your responsibility to talk with the school about the activities which will benefit your child.

It’s all fine and excellent to be reading inspection reports, flipping through prospectuses or browsing schools’ websites but it’s only when you visit your school can be able to truly experience the atmosphere.

Students who are currently there can provide an idea of the kind the young person your child is likely to be once they quit. If the school you’re thinking about is a prep, it’s recommended to inquire what senior school your child is likely to attend.

As of now, the effect of the downturn has not been felt by those who have held their jobs. This is especially true for professionals as well as other workers who would in the past be described as ‘comfortable off’.

The group represents a huge portion of British society that is identified as being a part of a mythical land known as Middle England. As the government is looking for ways to balance its books, they’ll spend more money on those who have it instead of those who don’t. That’s why Middle England look out! You are the backbone of the tax-paying, law-abiding majority, you are the most efficient source of income.

Since being rechristened the “squeezed middle as a result of members of the Labour Party, even those who are not interested in politics have been looking with growing concern at the growing storm of Coalition benefit cuts as well as tax hikes.

The impact of the elimination of Child Benefit in households with one person earning 40 percent tax will be further aggravated by measures to lower the thresholds to those who qualify for Tax Credits. But the biggest problem is likely to occur when families have children attending university for the very first time. They will be impacted by the anticipated triple-digit increase in tuition fees for universities.

Middle England realises how important having a quality education can ensure that their children get the best possible start in the workplace. This is now matched by the reality of how detrimental a huge credit card can be for the future of their children’s life. Some universities do not offer all classes during university open days.

For parents who put in the effort to accumulate their savings to help support their children and their families through college the increase in tuition costs is a blow to the system.

In the past, the student loan was considered an inevitable evil. However , the low-cost loans and low rates allowed this to be accepted. The proposed fees are three times more, which will create a tax headache for the graduates.

The biggest cause of concern for people who consider PS9000 per annum charges as unavoidable, is the rates that are close to commercial of interest that will be charged to those student loans. Parents are particularly upset because their children and grandchildren will have to bear massive debt, at a time in their lives that they could be attempting to build houses of their own.

While the final details are been awaiting publication but there is an indication that the authorities is also considering ways to penalize those who do not pay back loans on time. So, with the inevitable rate of interest for the student this could be an enormous financial burden to achieve future success.

The implications of this are yet been fully examined however , the clock is ticking down to the moment of the day of. A lot of parents are seeking ways to pay the tuition costs themselves in order to ensure a secure financially for their kids.

Students who are considering their options for university are aware of the amount of debt they will be carrying on their shoulders. They must either be fortunate enough to have families with the resources to payfor their tuition, or be not be able to afford the benefits of a variety of bursaries in order to get rid of the majority of costs.

Students from England trapped in the middle could find it difficult to decide if it’s worth the effort to attend university. With living expenses for students that are around PS6000 per year, taken into account with PS9000 tuition costs each year, students will accrue more than PS45,000 in debt in only three years. If you take interest on future payments into consideration it could be that you pay towards a greater amount of PS50,000 over time.

Imagine the scenario of a young couple who met at the university and later worked hard to get a an income that was reasonable after couple of years. They could easily be in the debt of PS100,000.

It’s a pity and will not increase the mortgage companies’ willingness to provide them with enough money to build a home that is their own. Many parents will have given up lots to help their children to attend university. For them to struggling to get on the property ladder will cause deep frustration.

In fact, many parents who are hardworking are unsure if they can do anything to inspire their children to contemplate a college education, given the potential magnitude that the millstone financial that this could create for their children. Do full-time college education be just a luxury for the wealthy and a that is not a tried and true benefit for the poor? Children of the’squeezed middle’ are left to struggle to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, by utilizing an Open University offering one of the only debt-free paths to earn a degree.

The majority of children who are from Middle England who have recently started studying A-levels There are new dangers that they’ll now have to evaluate their education in the future. If they’re not extremely gifted, and are able to score good grades, to gain admission to a prestigious school, is there any need to think about going to going to university? While it is fun to be a student, no matter how great it may be, how much value will that they get from an Arts degree at ‘Anywhere will be worth the risk of racking up the amount of debt they do?

The reactions of parents contemplating the implications of the fee-based system is not yet known. Some may be opting to delay retirement and continue working for several years to allow their children to complete college without incurring debt. The demand to earn more income will lead to more people getting their resumes back in order and also demands for students to find more work to cover their expenses.

For parents, maintaining their jobs as well as a additional income to pay for two kids’ University could become more crucial. Naturally, contingency plans have to be considered . Income Protection or Unemployment Insurance Insurance that pays PS1000 per month, in the event that one parent are unable to work due to illness or unemployment, may provide an solution. The insurance will provide an income per month that most Middle England parents will soon think is essential to be able to afford their child’s college education.

Dennis Haggerty, Marketing Manager of the insurance company i:protect, a specialist in protection, said, “We see university fees creating a large and unexpected hole in the budgets of many families who simply cannot contemplate their children leaving university in so much debt. This in turn will create a demand for our product from a section of the market that hitherto could cope by taking money from their own savings if they were out of work. Now finding PS15,000 per annum for each son or daughter at University, in addition to their usual household expenses, will drive the search for alternative sources of funding. For example, one of our policies with premiums of just PS10 per week would pay PS15,000 in benefits if the policyholder was unable to work for a year”

The long-standing practice that is the norm in Middle England to support it’s students through their university years will put them in a difficult position. But, in the interest of their children’s futures, provided they’re employed many will bite the bullet’, and cover whatever they can. Parents are more likely than ever to have to accept the entire cost of tuition fees for their children in order to convince them to pursue the benefits of a college education. If not, many prospective students might be reluctant to attend due to the financial implications of their choice.

In order to reduce the the risk of losing earnings for parents considering paying for these tuition costs ‘up in advance’ is a good idea. These parents are scheduled to attend open days at their universities for their daughters and sons to evaluate their options regarding future education. It is good to be able to rest assured that a minimum income could be earned, even in the event that one parent were unemployed for a duration. Unemployment Security or Insurance for Income can provide a viable alternative to ‘plan b for a uncertain job market.

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