27% of the students in a school are in grade 6. This is 540 students. How many students are in the school?

Accepted Solution

There are a total of 2,000 students in the school. 1.) There are 540 students in the 6th grade. 540 is only 27% of students compared to the total. To find the total students in the whole school, we divide 540 by 27%. 2.) We first change 27% into a decimal by moving the point two times to the left. (Rule to change the percent into a decimal)27% = .273.) Before we divide, we remove the decimal by moving the decimal two times to the right and so do we to 540. .27 = 27540. = 54000.4.) Now we have 54000 divided by 27 which give us the answer of 2,000. Hope this Helps!!!Please Mark as Brainliest!!!