A bag contains three red marbles, two green ones, one lavender one, four yellows, and five orange marbles. HINT [See Example 7. How many sets of four marbles include all the red ones?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Number of possible sets = 4Step-by-step explanation:In the question,Number of Red marbles in the bag = 3Number of Green marbles in the bag = 2Number of Lavender marbles in the bag = 1Number of Yellow marbles in the bag = 4Number of Orange marbles in the bag = 5So,If we need to form a set having all the red marbles then,We have 3 Red marbles and only the set of 4 is needed to be made.For that,We have 4 different options,1 Green + 3 Red1 Lavender + 3 Red1 Yellow + 3 Redand,1 Orange + 3 Red.Therefore, there are only 4 such cases which include all the Red marbles in them.