Jada created the two-way table below to describe the performance of her basketball team this season.Which statements are supported by the data in the table? Check all that apply.The team is twice as likely to win a home game as they are an away game.The team wins 3/5 of their home games.The team wins 1/2 of their games.The team played a total of 27 games.The team won a total of 6 games.The team lost more home games than away games............................WIN..........LOSSHOME GAMES ... 6 ..........10AWAY GAMES .....3.............8

Accepted Solution

To answer the question, all the statements must be analyzed with the data presented in the table.
 From the table we get that the team played 16 games at home and 11 games away from home.
  In total, they played 27 games.
 Of the 16 games at home, the team won 6. Then, the proportion of games won at home is:
 6/16 = 0.375.
  Of the 11 games away from home, the team won 3. Then the proportion of games won away from home is:
  3/11 = 0.272.
  0.375 is not twice 0.272.
  Then the first statement is incorrect.

 The ratio of games won at home is 6/16 = 3/8. Therefore, the second statement is incorrect. The team does not win 3/5 of the games at home.
 The total number of games won is 9 and the total number of games is 27.
 So, the third statement is incorrect. The team does not win half of the games.
 The fourth statement is true. The team played 27 games

 The fifth statement is false because the team won more than 6 games. They won 3 games away from home and 6 games at home

 Finally, the sixth statement is correct, because the team lost 10 games at home and 8 away from home. However, the PERCENTAGE of games lost away from home is greater than the PERCENTAGE of games lost at home. Therefore, it is more likely that the team loses when playing away from home.