Point C, is a point that is found on AB. AB is translated 3 units up and 10 units tothe right to form APB? Which of the following must be true?1. Points A', B, and C must be collinear.II. Ad and 8c must be of equal length.I. AB and AB? are parallel.I onlyIl onlyI and II onlyI and III only

Accepted Solution

Answer:I and III onlyStep-by-step explanation:step 1we know thatIn this problem A, B and C are collinearsoA', B' and C' are collinear toobecause the transformation is a translationThe translation does not modify the shape or length of the figureAB=A'B'AC=A'C'BC=B'C'step 2The distanceAA'=BB'=CC'because AB and A'B' are parallel